Larp monster costumes

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Larp monster costumes

Fantasy and Gothic Clothing In this section you will find lots of medieval and renaissance items. It include the Klerik coat, Midnight fantasy cap, Sinbad jerkin, Nehru outfit, hirko, leather studded belts and Gothic Dresses. Our jerkins and tunics styles achieve the look or character you are going for.

Our Fantasy Wear will fit your needs. Don't miss the boots or the Belly Dance Set.

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LARP Store. Toggle navigation Menu. Sparring and Practice Swords Wasters. Fantasy Clothing. It is made from quality cotton, is soft and comfortable to wear, and loose enough to allow a swordsman to practice with ease. Aramis Cape Black. Aramis Cape in Black, is a hip length caplet designed for any musketeer or nobleman. Easily wear this cape over one or both shoulders. The rich gold and black trim and open arm slits further embellish this awesome cape.

Aramis Cape Green. Aramis Cape in Green, is a hip length caplet designed for any musketeer or nobleman. Aramis Cape Red. Aramis Cape in Red, is a hip length caplet designed for any musketeer or nobleman. Black Knight Costume Helmet. Bring out your dark side and capture the princess in this realistic knight hat. Comfortable enough for costumes, cosplay, or cleaning house for your damsel. These Captains Pants, made of cotton velveteen, are perfect to wear while lounging around the ship all day.

Clockwork Hard Leather Corset.And no piece of equipment is more important that the weapons you carry, spells you wield and clothing you wear. We invite you to bring the adventure home with the entire Warlords line by Windlass! Complete with eye slits, this classic helmet style is one of the most popular versions depicted and worn during medieval times. Comes with soft cotton cording for securing.

larp monster costumes

Unlined so it can customized to your needs. Features an embroidered patch on the left upper chest and gold trim on the rounded neck, sides, and hem. Features one of the 4 heraldic patterns embroidered on the chest.

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Comes in Brown with Brass fittings or Black with Silver fittings. Custom embroidery also available. If you're thinking about getting it you probably should before they run out!

Reviewed by: ZakApril 05, Review of: Solid Tunic If you're looking for something simple, easy, quick, and cost-efficient without sacrificing quality, this tunic fits the bill. Works well alone with plain clothes beneath, or as a base layer with a chainmail shirt, coif, and other accessories.

High quality material and build. The heavy duty denim withstands dirt, LARP blows, chainmail chafing, nagging kid tugs, you name it, it can take it! The brass clasps I ordered brown look amazing and are highly functional. I wear a chainmail coif and the top clasp is covered but doesn't cause a bulge. Plenty of room for all of that The neckline is low, which is a good thing if you wear a padded arming collar as it doesn't interfere.

Just be aware that if you don't plan on wearing a high-collar undershirt, you'll feel a little "exposed" up top.

Be aware, when they say dry clean only, they mean it on this item. It is not colorfast and if you attempt to wash, you're going to see quite a bit of color loss and the material won't be the same. I have to hang it for storage, it holds folds and wrinkles forever!

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I attended a festival and after sitting for a few shows on a slightly damp bench, any section that was sat on held the folds and I couldn't get them to come out. I also noticed some dye bleeding onto my white undertunic.

Not bad, just be aware. This is a great item, and if you want something more than just your standard tabard, this is worth the money for the quality and build!

It was of good quality and the embroidered crest is excellent. It was exactly what I was hoping for. Looks great and fits well. I live in Texas and this is light weight so I can wear it when the heat hits.


At the same time it feels sturdy and should last. Keep up the good work! No good wrench monkey should be without one. I'm really impressed with this piece. Museum Replicas is the registered trademark and copyright of Museum Replicas Limited.

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Caps and Hats Clothing Swords and Weapons.You are by yourself because the rest of the town's people decided to stay in the tavern to enjoy a few more drinks. The wind rushes through the trees. Out of the corner of your eye, you think you see a shadow move. You feel uncomfortable and grab the hilt of your sword.

The shadow moves again in front of you. You focus your eyes into the darkness. You hear a twig snap behind you. You slowly turn and see a figure clad in black clothing. You don't recognize the person. You blink.

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In the instant it takes to open your eyes the person is inches away from your face. It opens its mouth to reveal long, white, boney fangs. Is this a nightmare?

What is a LARP? A LARP is an immersive gaming environment where you create a character, then actually bring him or her to life. You actually role play your character through a number of scenarios.

Typically the game is run by a staff that creates the rules of the game and the world in which the story takes place. Players will actually go to a campsite for a weekend, put on a LARP Costumepick up modified weapons that are safe for fighting, and live out the daily life of their character.

They can be challenged with puzzles, monsters, other characters, and any other number of random encounters! One of the most unique aspects of LARPing is to actually let yourself experience what life might be like in that environment.The short answer to the question is: That.

The d esign- elements : It is an attempt not to let a monster look like a guy in a rubber suit but to defamiliarize a human silhouette in as much a menacing way as possible. The eyeless concept is not exactly a new one but nevertheless effective to alienate a countenance- fixed human being by taking away the second most important contact point. Moreover, in the game-world it is very dangerous. Above : The head on the left unpainted, on the right painted beside its model, an off- the- shelf- monstermask.

It was built around a cheap motorcycle helmet that was upholstered with foam plates. Wrinkled cloth was applied to simulate skin. Colours: acrylics. Above : the original helmet bill was taken off and pushbuttons removed with pliers was completely plated with foam. Only then the head was carved. Above left the grounded mask, above right the underside.

Adjust the straps till it fits and remember always to fasten them! The join between cloth and foam is strengthened with more cloth white that increases the contact faces making the bond more durable. Above right : The trick that will make the back flexible and the monster fast and agile: 3 expansion joints on the spine.

Later they will be covered with plates but left open. Above left: The skeleton seen from the front. It emerged that the front straps had to be worn crosswise for better fit. The shoulders have been cut back to prepare for the neck construction. Above right : Cloth cladding. On this the outer surface will be glued. Notice that the expansion joints are not glued over with cloth- they still work. Above left : The first segments of the back armour make the joints invisible.

The segments are just complemented from now on. Work from downwards up and let them overlap.

larp monster costumes

Above : The back. The invisible joints give it the flexibility needed for running and fighting.

Building Monsters for LARP

The carapace is much lighter and more comfortable to wear than a metal suit. The knee- joint poses a problem insofar that it cannot be covered for example with furso the construction must find a way around that. These pictures show the first version that has been changed later. Above left : Maximal bending of the legs: the knee- construction becomes visible and the illusion is gone.

When walking or running normally this will not be noticed, though. Above left : The thighs from the inside. Cloth has been glued with acryl instead of pattex the cheaper but of course not better solution. Armour is made of thin foam- plates. Notice the cloth- reinforcements that secure the slices.Almost skeletal in its appearance, this Grey Scarface Zombie Mask is a quintessential undead accessory, offering a fantastic level of detail and gore.

Combine it with good wardrobe, and you will have a nigh-unbeatable zombie look! Zombie experts know that not all zombies rot and waste away to nothing. Some mutate and become something more. Lycanthropy does not just turn people into wolf-monsters.

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Sometimes, it turns them into other animal hybrids too. Among those fearsome and frightening creatures is the were-rat…which you, yourself, can become, by putting on this Brown Were-Rat Mask! Orcs are a terrifying race, to be sure.

But few masks capture that terrifying appearance half so well as this Monstrous White Orc Mask. For an eerie touch to your head-hunter look, nothing compares to having a shrunken head or two dangling at your side!

This Dark Elf Shrunken Head recreates the iconic look of this surreal little trophy while also echoing the features of a nefarious Drow!

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Nothing says head-hunter quite like having the ears of past hunts and worthy foes dangling around your neck. For every kill you make, you can celebrate it and show it off by hanging one of these startling Halfling Ear Trophy Necklaces around your neck! This Goblinoid Shrunken Head recreates the iconic look of this surreal little trophy while also echoing the features of a goblin!

For every kill you make, you can celebrate it and show it off by hanging one of these eerie Human Ear Trophy Necklaces around your neck! Little bits of blood sometimes make a costume or a scene all the more real.

Fantasy Clothing

And for the LARPer who wants things to look really authentic, nothing beats packing a few of these Blood Capsules away in your pack, to use whenever you want or need. This functioning Compass is a must have accessory that will go with just about any theme!

larp monster costumes

The possibilities of what you can use this for are endless. Whether you are at your local Ren Fair eating turkey legs or having a cook out with friends at a reenactment, this cutlery set is the perfect take along to any Medieval or Renaissance feast. This impressive belt pouch is made from fine leather and made into a stiff form, which makes it a rigid little container that is perfect for holding more delicate items. Here at Epic LARP Armory, we strive to help you enhance your live action role-play experience by selling only the highest quality, best-looking latex weapons, latex shields, leather and steel armor, and costuming fit for any period or archetype — all at competitive prices!

Beautifully designed to give you that full-immersion feeling, which is the reason we all started LARPing in the first place. Gray Scarface Zombie Mask. Big Rotten Zombie Mask. Brown Were-Rat Mask.In addition, any monster that I create has to appear realistic, impressive, and be able to interact with the players… which usually means that it has to be able to be attacked and attack back.

I also am nowhere near a hardware store at our game site, so that if something breaks in the middle of game jury-rigging with whatever I have on hand is the name of the game. Especially since, before this, the most I had ever done was makeup for zombie walks. I like building complicated machinery out of my small one bedroom apartment, and get a gleeful joy from changing into something frightening that I can use to jump out of the shadows and scare the crap out of my friends.

Here it is scaring people outside of my apartment complex. But while I got the reaction I wanted out of it, I learned several things about how I need to improve it in the future. This was a great way to get height, but incredibly physically intensive. When combined with the limited airflow from that bird skull mask that made it a difficult costume to run in. This left me with a slow, plodding monster that was easy for PCs player characters to gang up on and surround.

This meant that the encounter with the creature went much faster than I expected it to, as they surrounded it and beat it until it ran out of its calls and had to retreat back to its master. Several of my costumes either involved eyeless monsters, as seen below.

In both cases I found that while it was easy to see out of these costumes in lit rooms, once I got into the dark of the woods it was difficult to get around:. My poor character after her adventure with a baseball bat. When it comes down to it though, monster costumes for LARP need to be easy to get into, and provide enough sight, mobility, and airflow to actually be useful. Basically you need a costume that you can put on quickly and then do a brisk jog in without damaging it, yourself, or your players.

Easier said than done, right? This eyeless ghost was especially fun. Follow Us On:. Please Support Our Sponsors. My Tweets.A small piece of good news in a time of upheaval and darkness — Bluprint has made its entire library of online classes free for the next So lets cut to the chase — drop an email to charlie at larp. And so you should — the world is one I must admit, I am a huge fan of games with detailed background briefs, style guides, and other resources designed to help you play your character better.

It is one of the stable of LRP games that The Grange run, and it ran with seven players this time around. I have made a considerable number of masks for LRPers and others. We range from small latex prosthetics up to oversized heads for mascots. The events helped raise some money to pay for some of the costs I am a coward. A small piece of good news in a time of upheaval and darkness — Bluprint has made its entire Latest News.

Latest From Leah. Latest In Making. Making 0 Free Crafting Classes for the Pandemic A small piece of good news in a time of upheaval and darkness — Bluprint has made its entire Follow larpguide. Popular Comments Tags. August 21, That event is too expensive August 28, Jeanie Bardwell says: Love love love this! Goa Spirit says: Brilliant thank you ever so much I appreciate it Kirston Thilde Maria Hansen says: Thank you so much for this guide, it was a big help for me! Jeremy Springfield says: This worked out exceptionally well, btw.

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